Moving Tips

Get ready for your upcoming move.

21-14 Days Before Your Move

At this point, you can start throwing away that said stuff, which is not essential to you. It includes things like old paint bottles or even that faulty lawnmower that just gathered dust in your shed. You must also get a head start before assessing the finances of your move. Get an estimated value of all the possessions that need to be or lack ready for splitting items.

14-8 Days Before Your Move

You should be experiencing some pressure at this point in moving. Ideally, you have everything out of the way that we have already mentioned! Check all the commitments you have in your current city, and make sure they are all properly closed before you live. Your bills are yet another significant promise to get rid of before you pass, So make sure to call them to cut all operations. We also suggest you start packing up your more extensive devices, as they will be the toughest and most challenging to remove from your house.

Day Of Your Move

It is time to move, and we hope you will have the most excellent moving experience. What else can you do to make everything perfect? Check all your belongings and utilities to make sure that you’re not forgetting anything. Then, gather your keys, and surrender them to the landlord/buyer of the house.

Make sure all is off the table too. You don’t need to uninstall the beds as we’re happy for you to do that. Make sure you hold in an easily accessible place the documents that we had you signed. It would also help if you were to email us to ensure the driver has the correct address and the current date of the log. Finally, walk through one final property, and smile, because there is a new life waiting for you.


7-2 Days Before Your Move

You are away from your next move just around a week, so start packing up big pieces of furniture, Television sets, silverware, filling suitcases with toiletries, and bringing essential items that you will need on the first day one of your new life. Day one in your new life.

The Day Before The Move

At this point, you should be ready with just about everything. Begin taking down the shower/curtain rods, continue emptying your freezer, washing and unloading your stove, and removing the majority of your personal belongings except for something you use as an alarm clock. Most importantly, don’t neglect to have the remainder of a good night; it might very well be a long road ahead.